Producing Quality Wood Products — Investing in local communities

About Omak Wood Products

Omak Wood Products LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Wood Resources LLC, a portfolio company of Atlas Holdings LLC, a Connecticut-based private investment group focused on specialty manufacturing businesses.

The company is reviving the former Colville Indian Plywood & Veneer mill in Omak, Washington. The second-largest tribal organization in the state and the largest employer in Okanogan County, the Confederated Colville Tribes operated the mill from 2001 until 2009, when the harshest decline in the construction industry in 50 years forced its closure.

Unemployment surged in Okanogan County in the years since — reaching 10.6 percent in December 2012 — and reopening the mill brought much-needed jobs to the region. Omak Wood Products will, at full production, directly employ as many as 200 people, plus additional jobs will be created by the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation to fulfill its log-supply agreement with the mill.

The reopening of the mill preserves a crucial piece of the community’s past and present. The Colville Tribes have been involved in the timber business for more than a century, and wages earned at the mill have helped the region’s families put food on the table for decades.

New Wood Resources restored and reopened the mill the fall of 2013 and began producing plywood the fall of 2014 and continues to make significant upgrades. In addition to Omak Wood Products, New Wood Resources also operates Olympic Panel Products in Shelton, Washington and is constructing Winston Plywood & Veneer in Louisville, Mississippi.