“The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and Colville Tribal Federal Corporation are excited to partner with New Wood Resources to bring back jobs for the tribes and community. This long-term agreement provides for sustainable mill operations and timber management in our forests, as well as needed employment opportunities for tribal members.” —COLVILLE TRIBES

About Us

Omak Wood Products formed as part of the partnership between 
New Wood Resources and the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation to reopen the tribe’s plywood mill, which closed in 2009. The Colville Tribe has been involved in the timber business for more than 100 years and is a longstanding partner in helping drive the economy in Eastern Washington. By reopening the mill, we are helping the tribe boost economic development in the area and preserve a crucial piece of the community’s past.

Currently, Omak Wood Products has 177 employees working three 
shifts over six days, with plans to increase operations to 24/7. Today Omak manufactures about 2.5 million feet of veneer per week. At full production, which we anticipate to reach mid-2015, we will produce more than three million feet per week.

A sustainable operation.

Our agreement with the Colville Tribe includes a timber supply arrangement from tribal-owned forestland. The sustainable yield on the 800,000-acre Colville land is around 60 to 70 million feet a year — 40 million of which is bought by Omak Wood Products. We purchase around 80 percent of our wood from Colville forests, giving the tribe a major market for this timber. The other 20 percent of our logs come from private sources and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

A bright future.

With a highly experienced management team, Omak Wood Products is poised for a successful future. All of us at Omak look forward to sustaining a long-term partnership 
with the Confederated Tribes to continue restoring the mill, putting tribal members to work and driving economic development in the area. Working together, we can help revive the timber industry in the region and ensure the mill’s long-term success.


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